Tips On Doing SWOT Analysis For Your SEO Strategy

Creating an SEO strategy is not an easy task. Even the experts on this field find themselves stuck on creating the best solution to propel a client’s site to the front page and increase its organic views and leads.

However, all is not lost.

By doing a correct and a strategic SWOT analysis, SEO specialist can focus their efforts on which aspect and areas to improve and provide a solid action plan that would deliver results. Here is a simple guide that a reputable digital agency in Abu Dhabi when conducting an SEO SWOT analysis:

  • Get to know the industry


The first thing that you need to know before you do an SEO SWOT analysis is the industry that the client belongs to. It is important for digital strategists and SEO Specialists to know whether the industry the client belongs to is competitive and what are the channels that the most players in the industry are using, as they can put this on potential opportunities and threats grid. Review the industry in different perspectives. You need to delve on how the client’s industry works and delve into the trade to know how it is being marketed to the target audience.


  • Check the competition


Once you get hold of the industry knowledge, you can now check what their competitors are doing. Your client’s competitors can serve as a benchmark to see where your client is standing in terms of search engine performance. As simple as checking their website and other digital marketing efforts, you will able to see where your client is lacking and what are the things that he is doing right in terms of SEO.


  • Do a complete site audit


The secret of doing an SEO internal site audit is to cover all the basics. Often times, experts focus on one particular area, which leads them to miss important SEO factors that are affecting the site and the business. Be sure to allot time on auditing the site and go beyond the technicalities. It would be best if you can create an audit checklist that you can follow so you will not miss anything. Do include the marketing efforts that the client is currently implementing, whether it is digital or traditional.


  • Determine the goals and metrics in place


Some clients go through an SEO campaign not really knowing what they want to achieve, and there are some who don’t have a clear metrics that they can measure to know the efficiency of their campaign. Experts in SEO in Dubai always look at this aspect when doing a full business/client audit. It is for them to determine whether the client is setting the right goals to achieve their marketing success.

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