5 Room Pantone Trends That Will Be Hot in 2018

As the year end approaches, a lot of homeowners are already thinking of doing some revamping on their spaces, including changing the paint. These modern homeowners would like to be in the know and join the design bandwagon to make their homes look new and modern.

If 2017 is about “being green”, the coming year promises a mixture of paint trends that will appeal to a variety of homeowners. Read on these Pantone forecasts and see what colors would suit your style and taste:

Bright and playful

It has been decades since subtlety became the trend in interior design. Going for mute and neutral colors became the “in” thing in the industry. But for 2018, the bright and playful tones are making a huge comeback. A lot of interior designers today are looking to incorporate bold color schemes in their designs and paintings. Expect to see a lot of bright yellows, lime greens and bright reds on interiors next year.

Discreet and shy

Of course, there are still some people who would like to stay on the safe zone in terms of room color and paint. But there have been some changes on how interior designers would like to portray discreet paints. Not nude and mute colors, obviously. They would like to incorporate a sense of strength to muted color schemes to make it stand out in a very subtle manner. Pantones like Hawthorne Rose and Elderberry can be a good choice for this option.


Since the rise of digital age, a lot of designers adapted to this change, incorporating tech-inspired color schemes in office and corporate spaces. But in 2018, it will be available to homeowners as well. Using tech-related color palettes like Frosted Almond and Bright White, combined with bold tones like bright turquoise (closely resemble to Twitter brand color) can be a good inspiration for tech-inspired wall.

Intense and passionate

Passion will never be out of fashion, especially with interior design and paint. But interior designers want to update this classic trend by adding a sense of sophistication and power into the mix. This can be achieved by having an eclectic combination of colors that evoke strength and is balanced by accents of gold and black.

Warm + cool

2018 will be a year of mix and match and contrasts, especially for home paints. The aim is to pique the interest of guests but still evoke that sense of sophistication. Playing with contrasting elements such as warm tones and cool hues can bring an interesting vibe to a space.

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