4 Hacks to “De-bug” Your Kitchen Space

The kitchen is probably the busiest space inside the home. It is where cooking and food preparation is done for the whole family.

With all the food and the dirt present in the space, you are unknowingly inviting unwanted visitors to your kitchen – like pests and bugs. To keep this place pest- and bug-free at all times, here are some simple hacks that you can apply:

Keep it clean at all times

Kitchen spaces tend to get dirty, especially during cooking and food preparation; leftover food, spills, peels and food waste is expected to clutter the space and the floor. And the longer you leave the mess around, the faster the kitchen will be infested by bugs and pests.

Learn some kitchen etiquette and clean after you cook. Make a quick and big kitchen clean up once you are done with the food preparations. Do not just do superficial cleaning. Be sure you made a thorough sweep on your kitchen premises. Mop and disinfect if necessary.

Mind your waste management

Okay, some households tend to disregard the value of proper household waste management. Some people think that it is enough to throw the trash into the bin and that’s it. However, this kind of waste management will make your home susceptible to bugs and pest infestation.

Make waste management a part of your household work. Aside from putting all food waste in the trash bins, use trash bins that can be properly concealed. Proper disposal should also be done. Ideally, kitchen trash should be disposed of immediately and not kept overnight inside your home. Make disposal a daily habit.

Store food properly

Bugs and pests are attracted to the smell of food and waste. If you have a habit of keeping your food and groceries in the open, pests and insects will infest these produce in an instant. Not only will it turn your groceries to waste, you are also inviting pest inside your home.

Practice proper food storage at all times. Know the proper storage for frozen and dry goods, as well as the fresh produce. Invest in quality storage spaces in your kitchen and buy concealed containers for the leftovers.

Watch out for entrances

Sometimes home owners do not know that their home is already infested, and when they find out, it is already too late. Bugs and pest can get inside your property and breed through the small cracks in your walls and ceiling. Open windows are also possible entrances for these pests. Install window screens to bar these pests from entering your home.

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