Heat Resistant Flowers That Can Survive the Hot Climate

Living in hot and humid locations has its perks, but it also has its limitations, especially with people who are into landscaping and gardening. Some opt to forego these plans as they have a misconception that it is not possible in such kind of places.

The good news is, you can still have an awesome landscape and do some amazing gardening even if you are living in hot places. The key here is choosing the right kind of floras that can take the heat. Here are some flowers that can bloom and survive the hot climate.


Pentas flowers are known to grown in dry and hot locations, whether in containers or on natural soil. But this flower is not only known to be heat resistant, but it can also act as pollinators for insects like bees, sunbirds, and hummingbirds. This bloom comes in fuchsia colors which can add a sensual vibe to your garden.


Amaranth comes in different varieties, but a lot of people know this as a grown grain. However, landscape artists and gardeners prefer to include them on their list of garden foliage because of its attractive bloom which can grow from a few inches to 8 ft. tall. There are two famous species of Amaranth that are known to gardeners: Joseph’s coat and Love-lies-bleeding. The difference between the two is, the former looks like big colored leaves while the latter has flowers that resemble tassels.

Spider Flowers

Do not let the name fool you. Although it sounds a little bit scary, spider flowers are renowned for their beauty. For gardeners, this is commonly known as the Cleome flower. This flower can grow in well-drained soils and can survive drought once established. Apart from being able to tolerate heat, the sweet smell of this gorgeous bloom is what makes it a good addition to anyone’s garden.


Celosia closely resembles Amaranth since they come from the same family. And like its cousin, celosia flowers can survive the heat. Its name is actually a Greek derivation which means “being burned” or “burned”. And like its name, the flowers of celosia look like burning flames. It can add texture to anyone’s lawn and make a beautiful foliage in the garden.


Cosmos flowers are known for their heat-loving quality as they can grow in hot and dry places. But aside from its heat-tolerant characteristics, this plant is easy to grow and maintain. It is a self-seeding plant, which means that is has the ability to propagate itself through its seeds.

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