Growing a Green Home: 6 Landscape Designs You Should Check Out

Landscaping is more than having a well-manicured lawn in the front or backyard of a home. It’s all about creating a smart design that will harness the natural ecosystem of your property, and improving its functional and aesthetic features.

Additionally, a good landscape design can help boost your property’s market value, minimize your environmental impact, enhance use of available space, and reduce utility and maintenance costs. If you’re looking to revamp the landscape design of your home, we have selected stunning landscape designs you can use as inspiration:

Formal Gardens – With its perfect straight lines and geometrical shapes, the Formal Garden style is ideal for property owners who prefer a neat and extremely organised landscape. Formal Gardens give emphasis to symmetry and balance, which is why the positioning of plants and other features are very well thought of. The plants are regularly pruned to achieve the look of a picturesque and perfectly manicured garden.

Japanese Garden – Also called Asian or Oriental Garden, this landscape design makes use of natural elements to recreate a miniature version of nature. Instead of trying to achieve symmetry, such as with the Formal Gardens, this design lets nature thrive. It features elements commonly found in the outdoors, such as rocks, stones, water falls, and various plants.

 Cottage Gardens – Cottage gardens make for a picture-perfect home – crawling vines, blooming flowers, and an overall homey feel. Cottage gardens were originally cultivated so families could grow crops. As such, most cottage gardens have vegetable patches, and some are even designed around a kitchen. This type of landscape does not put emphasis on planning and design – it lets nature flourish naturally.

Tropical Landscape – True to its name, Tropical Gardens feature a lush green landscape. It creates the perfect ambiance for those who long to have their very own paradise. This landscape design highlights trees from the tropics, including palm trees and bamboo trees. It also adds a variety of vivid flowers and plants with large leaves and of different sizes, colors, and shapes.

Mediterranean – Mediterranean Gardens have elements similar to Tropical Gardens – it makes use of trees popularly found in the tropics and the Mediterranean region. Mediterranean Gardens also have shaded seating areas and eye-catching water features that serve as the focal point of most designs. Mosaic tiles, pebbled pathways, gravel flooring, and potted plots are also common features of Mediterranean Gardens.

Modern – If you want a garden that is faithful to your urban surroundings, then a Modern Garden theme is the best for you. Modern Gardens are designed to have a cohesive sleek and streamlined look. Similar to Oriental Gardens, it applies simple and minimalistic design principles. It focuses on the architecture of the property, and only uses plants and flowers as accents and touches of color.

Xeriscape – Though considered by many as a landscape design, xeriscaping is actually a landscaping principle that promotes smart use of natural resources to conserve water and minimize maintenance costs. Low maintenance plants are mostly used, in order to cut costs on water, fertilizer, and maintenance expenditures.

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