9 Interior Design Themes to Consider for Home Renovations

Planning to refresh the look and interiors of your home? Here are 9 popular interior design styles that you can draw inspiration from!

  • Modern – If you prefer crisp lines and an overall clean look, modern is the ideal theme for you. Deviating from the ornate and elaborate styles of the Renaissance, Victorian, and Gothic themes, modern is stamped by simplicity and sleekness. It predominantly uses metal, glass, steel, and wood to create a simple color palette.
  • Minimalist – Minimalism further simplifies the modern theme – it features more refined lines, bare and open spaces, and simpler furnishings and accessories. This interior style builds on the concept of “less is more” and emphasises the beauty that comes with the mix of function and form.
  • Industrial – This theme is reminiscent of the interiors of a warehouse, albeit stylized and altered for home living. Industrial interiors feature exposed wooden beams, as well as bricks and ductwork, creating an air of rawness and strength. Its color palette is composed of mostly warm and neutral shades, but is often broken by a vibrant splash of color here and there.
  • Country – The interiors of a country-themed home create a warm, homey feel, which homes in the countryside are commonly associated with. Though there are different variants of this style, such as French Country, American Country, and English Country, the common elements are the same: laidback and simple atmosphere, dominant use of native materials, and handmade furnishings.
  • Rustic – The innate beauty of nature is the main focus of the rustic style. It harmonizes a range of organic materials and elements, such as wooden beams and columns and stone walls and floors. The furnishings are primarily made from raw natural materials, such as bamboo, rattan, reclaimed lumber, wool, and clay. Touches of metal and glass make for great accents to break away from monotony.
  • Mediterranean – Mediterranean style has a color scheme inspired by the sea and sky. This style is said to have originated in Spain, Italy, and Green, all of which are countries facing the Mediterranean Sea. It usually incorporates patterns that harken back to the era of Mediterranean art, as well as nautical and aquatic elements.
  • Shabby Chic – Shabby chic is a style that intentionally showcases the beauty of “old and worn” interior elements. It is made of ornately designed furniture and ornaments, which are specifically chosen for their old or distressed look. Shabby chic is mostly composed of furnishings in whites and pastel colors.
  • Bohemian – If shabby chic purposefully highlights the old and aged, Bohemian is a beautiful mixture of a “messy” look. The concept is to “throw in” a variety of eye-catching colors and patterns, and create a well-balanced, carefree look. Bohemian décor usually consists of soft carpets, rugs, pillows, and curtains for a warm and homey ambiance. Tribal-inspired or nomadic accents, such as dream catchers and unpolished stones and crystals, are a popular choice.
  • Scandinavian – The Scandinavian style is a modern minimalist look that pays tribute to a simple Nordic lifestyle. It has adapted some design principles from the Bauhaus era – fluid lines, geometric patterns and shapes, and handcrafted items. Most Scandinavian-inspired interiors use white and gray as base colors, though other earthy and natural colors are also commonly used.


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