7 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving is already an arduous and time-consuming task in itself. And it could be a bigger headache if you fail to do things in a systematic and organized manner. Whether it’s your first time to relocate or you can be considered a pro at moving houses, make sure to avoid these mistakes and make the whole experience as smooth and efficient as possible.


  1. Haphazardly packing your belongings.
    Packing up each and every item in your home surely does take a lot of time, but if you want to avoid damaging your belongings during transport, spend the time and effort to carefully wrap and secure your stuff, especially if you have fragile items. Also, if you pack and organize them beforehand, it’ll be easier to unpack and arrange them once you’ve settled in your new home.
  2. Bringing unwanted / unused items to your new home.
    Before you pack everything, make sure you have sorted the things you still get to use from the ones you no longer need. Bringing unused and unwanted items with you is equal to bringing your old clutter to your new home. Better yet, have a garage sale and sell items that you no longer use or need. It’ll help you raise funds to buy new furniture, if needed, or to cover the fees of the moving company.
  3. Opting to do everything by yourselves.
    Some prefer to DIY to save on costs (i.e., hiring movers or a relocating company). However, this can actually make the moving process more difficult and expensive. Moving companies have the vehicles and equipment to facilitate a smooth relocation. People who opt to do this on their own usually find themselves buying tools they’ll only use when relocating. They also usually end up doing several trips back and forth, because they’re not able to fit all their stuff in their vehicles. This results in more effort, time and money used up just to complete the relocation.On the other hand, moving companies have experts who can help you complete your move in just a single trip. They’ll also give you a hand in packing, carrying and transporting all your stuff.


  4. Choosing an incapable moving company or professionals.
    Now, if you’ve decided to hire a moving company for a faster and easier move, bear in mind that you need to give it careful thought as well. Don’t just call and hire the first company you see or talk to. Check at least three different companies and get quotations from them. Be sure to research customer feedback/reviews about their service, so you know if investing in them is worth your money. The best thing is to talk to family and friends to get referrals and know their first-hand experience with their recommended moving company.
  5. Failure to finalize the quotation prior to the move.
    Part of your “due diligence” is to finalize the quotation from your chosen moving company. Ask for a contract that clearly indicates the rate, included services, and terms and conditions. If possible, go for a moving company that offers insurance for anything that might get damaged during the move, as long as it’s their liability.Getting a final rate also makes sure you won’t be charged higher than what you’ve agreed in the first place.
  6. Not scheduling or doing things ahead of time.
    Procrastination makes a victim of us all. Still, it is no excuse to leave things up to the last minute, which makes you vulnerable to forgetting important items, packing stuff carelessly, or making not-so-smart decisions.Plus, scheduling your move at the soonest possible time gives you the freedom to choose an ideal time and day, before the moving company’s available dates are filled up. In choosing a date, try to anticipate the rush hour, and/or holidays that may impact your travel.
  7.  Having no plan at all!
    Leaving everything to chance is the perfect recipe for a disaster. You risk having an inconvenient move, not on only on your part, but also with the people helping you move. It may take up significant time and effort, but you’ll find that preparing and organizing everything for your move will be worth all the trouble.

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