5 Tips to Choosing a Menu that Will Wow Your Guests

One of the most awaited parts of any social event is the part where people get to eat! In fact, the food prepared for your guests can help make or break any event, which is why hosts and organizers should give careful thought to planning their menu.

Whether you’re new to throwing parties or you’re now a seasoned host, here are 5 fool-proof tips to help you create a one-of-a-kind menu that will surely be a hit with your guests!

    • Consider the occasion

Your menu should be consistent with the type of event you are planning to hold. Is the event formal or casual? Will your guests be sitting or standing? Taking these into consideration will help in planning the ideal menu and how the food will be served. For example, for formal events, the best thing will be to have plated food that your caterer and their staff will serve to your guests. Casual events, on the other hand, can have a buffet spread where guests will help themselves to the scrumptious food laid out before them. Canapes and other finger foods are also delectable additions to any soiree.

    • Turn to your event theme for inspiration

Most events have a theme or motif that serves as a guideline on how the venue will be designed, what activities will be included, and how the guests should dress up, etc. Your event’s theme can also help you get your creative juices flowing when it comes to finalizing the menu. If you’re throwing a Great Gatsby-inspired party, then there should definitely be champagne and red wine on the menu! For company-wide Christmas parties, adding traditional Christmas dishes will definitely be perfect!

    • Check the clock!

The time and length of the event is another big factor – will your event be held during breakfast, lunch, or dinner? If the event is set early in the morning, serving your guests hearty meals can give them the energy to start their day. Plus, you shouldn’t forget to add unlimited servings of coffee and tea!

Prepare your guests for a filling dinner by serving them appetizers and cocktails. Dinners usually take several hours, so make sure your guests have finger foods they can munch on throughout the event.

    • Profile your guests

Pay attention to the varied backgrounds and professional levels of your guests. If your event will mostly have medical professionals or sports enthusiasts, better go for a menu filled with healthy options. Try and serve dishes that will cater to vegans and meat-lovers alike. It’s also best to take a look at the ethnic backgrounds of your guests, so you can serve something that will remind them of home. The key here is to make sure that there is something for everyone.

    • Be prepared for special considerations 

If you’ve decided to have a seafood boodle fight, don’t forget that some people may have allergies to certain seafoods. Best to add dishes that have chicken or beef so they have another option. Some people also prefer gluten-free food, while some have specific religious requirements when it comes to preparing food. Again, it’ll be best to do your homework and profile your guests, so you can make sure that all criteria are met and everyone will have a great time at your event!

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